Can you use the Hook, Story, Offer Script to sell high ticket items instead of the Perfect Webinar?

Can you use the hook story offers
script to sell a high ticket item like a $5,000 coaching program as opposed
to having to use a perfect webinar. Hey guys, Jim Edwards here and welcome to another
edition of Letting the Chickens Out with Jim. And so that’s a really great question and
the reason somebody asks is because in FunnelScripts we’ve released the Hook
Story Offer Script we did that last week. People are getting really cool
results with it and they’re excited. Anytime we come out with a new
script. People are like, Hey, can I use this for that or
can I use this for that? And the answer always is
maybe now here’s the thing, got to understand when somebody buys
a like $100 and $97 software program, there’s a good morning everybody.
Um, there’s a whole different level of anxiety
or trepidation or or caution on their side. Then there is if,
hey Jason, then there is, if they are buying something for $5,000
it’s a great way to think about this is if you think about trying to get somebody
to buy something and let’s pretend that they’re a kettle and in
order to get somebody to buy, you have to make the kettle boil.
But the person has objections, they have concerns,
they have worries, and those are like holes in the kettle
and the more holes you have in the kettle, you can’t get it to boil. So your job is to plug those
holes in the kettle literally. And only once you’ve plugged those holes,
we’ll the kettle boil. Now if you’re selling something for
$97 there are a lot fewer holes in the kettle, lot fewer concerns on people’s
part as opposed to somebody who is somebody who’s, you’re trying to get
them to buy something for $5,000. So what that means is that
with the low ticket item, you probably only have to overcome a
couple of concerns. Like, you know, hey, here’s, here’s what we’re selling,
here’s why we’re selling it. Here’s what it’ll do for you
and here’s what it costs, and maybe there’s a couple
of different concerns, but if you’re trying to get
somebody to spend $5,000 with you, then there’s a bunch of other concerns
that they have. Is this really gonna work? Did this work for other people?
Why are you selling this? Why are you teaching this?
Instead of just doing it for yourself? There’s all kinds of other
stuff on their minds, so what you’ve got to
do is plug those holes. So whereas the hook story offer script
just by itself would work great for $100 product. If you’re going to try
and sell a $5,000 product with it, then you’re going to
have to add some stuff. You’re going to have to add testimonials, you’re going to have to add proof. You’re going to have to add
a really good guarantee. You’re going to have to add a whole bunch
of stuff that isn’t necessarily going to be necessary and you’re like, that isn’t necessarily going to
be necessary for other stuff. So you just need to keep that in mind. The other thing is that you
just simply have to test, but the biggest thing is just thinking
about what you’re asking somebody to do and what information is
going to be necessary to get
them to take the action you want them to take. So I’m
not going to tell you yes,
I’m not going to tell you no, I’m just going to tell
you that when you’re, when you’re asking
somebody for five grand, it’s a lot different than
asking somebody for 100 bucks. So there are other things that you need
to address and that’s why I love that metaphor of the kettle because
that really shows you, hey, ask him for more money,
big time. You’re going to have to
overcome objections and take
care of stuff. So anyway, I’m Jim Edwards. I hope you
have a great day. By the way, these are the kinds of things
that we talk about in bars. What am I talking about?
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to you soon. Bye Bye everybody.

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