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Hi I’m Laura from
I am a grant writer and I’m going to talk about how to start a grant proposal writing
business. I highly recommend becoming involved with organizations in your community who work
in this field of grant writing or fund raising. One national organization that has local chapters
is The Association of Fund Raising Professionals, the AFP. You can look for an organization
in your community. You can also join communications related networking groups. You may wish to
research a little bit the market that’s out there, who else is doing it, what their rates
are, maybe find out how they advertise or what some of the things are that they do to
get their name out there. One of the basic things is starting a website for your business
and also having business cards made, stationery, anything that you can professionally use to
represent your business. Another important step is getting some clients. Even if they’re
clients that you give a special rate to or people that you do some pro bono work, you
need to have a list clients so that once one comes to you and wants to hire you, you can
refer back to who you’ve worked for in the past. Do some work in various areas. Maybe
not just education or not just affordable housing, but try and have a couple different
areas where you can claim some expertise. But really most important, be constantly marketing
yourself, finding ways to make connections, getting your name out there and making some
new clients and connections. Those are some ideas about starting a grant proposal writing

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