Building an Argument: An Academic Writing Guide from AHEAD

Hello. This is Helen Carroll and she’s been working in Learning Support for many years now. We in AHEAD have worked with her to produce a simple step by step guide to writing academic assignments and are now offering great bulk rate reductions to colleges seeking to buy for all their incoming students. It’s called ‘Building an Argument’ & it’s basically an assignment flatpack — a simple system to enable students to construct an assignment with the minimum of fuss. Helen has compared the process to constructing a building — you simply need to piece the building blocks together in the correct order to create a solid structure. The introduction is the first layer of building blocks, defining your topic and your argument. Next, the walls of the building are the main body of your assignment where you make claims and support them. The bolts of the building are the verbs that hold your argument together. Finally, the conclusion is the roof where you summarise your argument and make it water tight! But don’t forget that every building has to have foundations, and they are the research & reference books which influenced your argument. So, ‘Building an Argument’ makes it simple. Single copies of the guide are available for only €5 + postage from but ordering in bulk saves you 10% for 100+ copies or 20% for 1000+. To find out more and order, visit

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