Bryson DeChambeau Golf Swing – What You Must Copy to be Better!

in today’s video we’re talking about what you must copy from Bryson to shambles golf swing and how it’s gonna make you a much more consistent golfer let’s go right now okay so we’re gonna get into it gonna get into it today if you’re new to the channel thanks for watching please hit the subscribe button and the Bell notification so you know every time I release a new video and I appreciate the support and today we’re talking about Bryson – Shambo and what we must copy from his golf swing he is known as the mad scientist in the golfing world but there’s something he does that’s really really gonna help us and we can learn from it all right let’s get into it okay the first thing to note with Bryson’s golf swing is his grip and what he uses is clubs they’re all the same length right there the length of about a 6-iron and on his grip he uses a grip similar to what I have here on my putter this is a mid sized grip with a flat top and this is very important because of how he grips the golf club but it allows him to have a very what we call weak grip come and if you want to know more about the grip I’ll link a video up here I did on the grip specifically and it shows exactly what a weak grip is he’s able to have a very weak grip while getting a secure firm hold on the club it’s very difficult to have a strong grip with this type of grip on your club it’s just hard to hold it that way so he’s able to be here and what that does for him is it allows him to take his hands completely out of the golf swing and why do we want to do this well it just when you start twisting your hands and adding hands in your swing it creates a lot of issues your ball is just going to start flying all over the place so what Bryson has done is with this grip and the six aren’t on all his clubs the six are in length on all his clubs he’s allowed himself to eliminate any hand or forearm rotation at all and he’s just here and swinging through very similar to this as if I were going to hit it with my putter which you can this is basically what he’s doing with all his clubs so what does that mean for you what do you need to copy out of this we want no hands in our golf swing so get your club and you’re going to do this drill you need to keep the club above the ground and you’re gonna try to take it back you’re not gonna rotate any hand rotation or forearm rotation at all you’re gonna try to keep that club square it’s actually gonna feel like you’re shutting it on the backswing okay and you can have a nice short golf swing hands are high in this position when your hands are get low that’s promoting wrist hinge and we don’t want that in this swing we want high hands up here high hands he tilts this shoulder to the right a little bit so high hands this is your drill high hands take it back no wrist rotation at all he’s one of the most consistent ball strikers on tour right now and it’s something you can learn most people have way too much hands and we need to eliminate those so get those hands high so it’s like it’s all one plane my hands no rotation will you lose distance that’s the biggest question is are you going to lose a lot of distance because you’re no longer hinging those hands actually you’re gonna lose a little bit at first but it’s gonna come right back don’t worry about that because what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna lose this all this stuff up here and you do get some distance with that a lot of people like this flippy wrist swing instead of getting our hands to create our distance we’re going to teach our body to rotate and we’re gonna get distance that way and you’re going to get better ball contact better ball flight better ball compression better ball distance taking hands out so hands high no rotation on the backswing and there you go that’s going to force you now if you see you’re going to have some up here that’s gonna be normal and natural you’re just not purposely doing it you’re not trying to hinge the wrist you’re just keeping that nice and straight here and then you’ll get a little bit it’ll come from your elbow Bend and and they’ll just be a natural movement up there instead of an unnatural purpose-driven wrist hinge just try to keep your grip down the center and take it back you don’t want any any of this hands down here I’m gonna get you in trouble with this style of the golf swing this up here helps keep your wrists out of your swing it’s a good thing to try okay because so many people use way too much hands and wrists so anything we can do to eliminate that and decrease it you can have much more consistency with your ball fly your trajectory your scoring Bryson’s taking it to the ultra extreme level we just want to use it in our golf swing so we can get a lot more consistency with our shot it will definitely help eliminating those hands working that body all right let me know your thoughts Bryson is certainly one of the hottest golfers on the planet right now it may come and go a little bit but overall he’s gonna be very consistent because of the way he uses his hand or doesn’t use his hands actually in the golf swing so comment below let me know your thoughts where you think about taking your hands out of the golf swing hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already I love you guys I’ll see you in the next video

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