[Behind the Scenes] Cast of Love Alarm’s first script reading 📖🔍👀 [ENG SUB]

68 thoughts on “[Behind the Scenes] Cast of Love Alarm’s first script reading 📖🔍👀 [ENG SUB]

  1. in the webtoon series jojo end up with hyeyong. But usually when they do script reading, they arrange their sit in order from the most important. So sunho might end up with jojo. OMGG please let it happen

  2. Don't watch all the episodes in one day. you'll regret it. like i do 😂 just a friendly reminder. Now i need to wait for season 2!!

  3. jojo better choose sun-oh in s2. because hye yeong is mine now🤣 but srsly i’m team hye yeong since ep1. ♥️

  4. there has to be a season 2 (continuing eps), right?!? Cuz this drama can’t just end that way at ep 8, isn’t it?!? 😦😦…

  5. My goodness.. I've been watching their videos since I finished watching the drama! I need closureee huhuhu what a cliffhanger!!

  6. Does anyone know where to read all the episodes of this series??? Somebody please help after watching the my brain is not staying calm anymore 😭😭😭😭😭 please I really need help

  7. I never got a closure to that bff of hers. What a fake friend! She didnt even know her situation… and is not trying to understand her!

  8. About the series hey….yah….what else? Just only 8 ep yah~~~so confused I don't get it. .I shouldn't watch this series it made me angry I don't know how the end was be!

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