Becoming a poet

wow you know what led me to become a
poet and a writer that’s that’s there’s there’s a big story there in the sense
that my parents are writers my father wrote 16 books these huge educational
tomes that I just loathe having to read as a kid my mother was an English
teacher who and they both studied children’s literature in grad school and
so from the time that I can remember I was immersed in Eric Carle and Lucille
Clifton and Eloise greenfield and shel silverstein and Lee Bennett Hopkins and
Nikki Giovanni and Langston Hughes and the list goes on and on and so I new
poetry like the back of my hand and so what’s funny to me is that you know when
I got to Virginia Tech and and I ended up studying with Nikki Giovanni and
having three you know dynamic tense incredibly you know academically
challenging years with her I knew I wanted to be a writer in particular I
knew I wanted to write poetry now she was sort of my model for how to live how
to be a poet and so I come home after college and tell my dad and my mom who
were writers that I want to be a poet that’s gonna be my job and of course my
dad laughed he’s he said that’ll never work and my mother who was very
supportive as mothers are and i think that uh you know my father tells me now
that he only said that to see if I would if I was really serious but I was really
going to stick to it and of course I did and so I think if you can be trained or
nurtured or natured or or groom to be a poet I think I was I think it was my

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