Author J.R. Gonzalez Self-Publishes His Horror Novels with Xlibris

J.R. Gonzalez: “My name is J.R. Gonzalez. I write horror fiction. I like to scare people. I like to tell people to sleep with the lights
on and to blame me for their nightmares. Horror has always fascinated me, but I’ve
always liked the old monsters: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy. Those are my guys. When I think of Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff,
Christopher Lee – awesome guys, awesome characters. I just like that genre, I liked the way they
made me think. Somebody said that if you write a story where
it’s all, you know, ‘Lah dee dah dah dah…’ In five years, no one will remember it. But if you write a character, and you kill
him off, and they’re like, ‘Why?’ Five years later, they’ll still be talking
about it. I want to be talked about in 100 years.” “I decided to self-publish for a number of
reasons, but the main one, the most telling reason would be because it was the easiest
way to go. No one knows who I am, no one believed in
me. I saw an ad and I was intrigued by, first
of all, by the name, Xlibris, and then by the things that they offered initially. The experience with them, dealing with them
directly, talking to people, and having them come back to me. ‘Hey, I have a question.’ They got back to me right away, and they helped
me a lot, and they’ve done a lot for me and I will always tell people that, I will always
say my experience with Xlibris has been amazing, it’s been a lot of fun.” “When I first saw my book in print, I was
excited, I couldn’t wait to open it. I was so excited, I just ripped it open and
I took out the first book and I cried. I just felt so… Like I had finally done something.”

1 thought on “Author J.R. Gonzalez Self-Publishes His Horror Novels with Xlibris

  1. Thanks for sharing your video…..I know the feeling you mention regarding when you received your first book in print. It is an awesome feeling…..I 'am a publish author too. My book "Simply Lyne" was published 2009. I found out about Xlibris from a local politician who is a publish author of "Falling through the Crack" by Betty Jean Grant. It was a Black Friday special to jump start my book and the rest is history. Horror is not particularly my "groove"….unless it is integrated with humor. Your horror stories may turn into a Hollywood motion picture//video/or theatrical performance. Congratulations on your published books. Wishing you the best in your genius creativity skills for the coming New Year! …..peace

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