#AskTheHIVDoc: PrEP Post Hook Up? (1:03)

I think I’ve been exposed to HIV. Can PrEP
help? Got questions about PrEP? Hashtag Ask the
HIV Doc has all the answers. If you’re getting into the situation where
the exposure has already taken place, PrEP is not going to help.
the simple way to remember this is when you think about Pre, PrEP, it’s Pre Exposure Prophylaxis,
so you’re supposed to be taking the medication before the exposure takes place.
and remember, PrEP has to be taken for at least a week before it can actually get to
levels in the bloodstream where it’s going to prevent an infection.
But actually, in the case of, if you think you’ve been exposed to HIV, at that point,
as soon as possible get to some medical help, even emergency room if you need to, because
we have what’s called Post Exposure Prophylaxis, which is after the exposure has taken place,
and that’s when you take 3 medications for a month to prevent HIV exposure.

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