Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

What’s up guys, OU Graphics here! In this video, I’m going to show the process of post-production of a render using photoshop All of the skills that I use to compose this image were already taught in our previous videos so if you haven’t seen them already, there will be a link in the description as well as in the top cards however, if you have any questions, please drop them down below just a quick announcement before the video starts we’re posting a lot of content in our Instagram account OU.Graphics, so please follow us there so you don’t miss anything. And once we hit 1000 followers, there will be a giveaway Just one more thing, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and if you enjoy the video, don’t forget to leave a like Please use the settings on youtube if you need to slow down the video And without furder ado, let’s begin!

56 thoughts on “Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

  1. Man, I am very relieved you displayed this online video on shading the sky. I implemented you r current suggestions and even had the time get surpris ingly close to how I wanted. I concentrated on it for 2-3 hrs and it was great! But bear in mind I came across this ridiculous problem tha t I couldn't get rid of. I also attempte d reinstalling the software and nothing at all. I ended up locating an alternative version of the softw are at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and it work ed well past the glitch! Possibly the install file I had w as corrupted. I really do not know how to compare that? Anyhow, thanks to your training video, I'm so near getting this modifying down, that it'll seem like it re ally is pouring down rain whe n I am completed! Who desires a university or college study course for photoshop, when people can get your current video materials to tea ch these individuals, cost-free on youtube! Thanks once again oP! I will have to publish my great results after i believe I've got the heavy rain editing e ffect down pat! Wei Dang, lo gging out.

  2. Seus vídeos são realmente ótimos e muito didáticos, parabéns! Como sugestão, seria muito bom para acompanhar o tutorial, se você disponibilizasse pra download as imagens usadas. Abraço!

  3. Noooo fkn waaaayyy. You are a super master dude. I just discovered your videos 3 hours ago and can´t stop watching hahahaha. Thanks a looooot for sharing your knowledge. You´ve got a new fan.

  4. I've been watching your videos and they are great but I have a problem and I was hoping you could help. After watching each tutorial I want to practice what I just saw but the problem is that I don't have anything to work on. I don't have any raw renders, plans, sections, etc. Is there any sites or key words to search in google that will give me raw architecture documents to work with? If not how should I solve this issue?

  5. Can you upload your outputs in pinterest also. Saving pics thru pins/boards in interest is way easier for references. kudos dude!

  6. the video is always cool, always makes me enthusiastic about learning, but when I want to buy the file it's very difficult, I'm from Indonesia I don't have a paypal card, is there another way to pay? like for example paying at a convenience store. thanks

  7. How good you are! the brushes where they are obtained? I want to learn!!!!!
    Que bueno eres !! los pinceles donde se consiguen? quiero aprender!!!!! saludo desde colombia.

  8. Seu conteúdo é incrível! Um dos melhores canais pra quem quer se aprofundar em pós-produção!

  9. Recently started watching stuff on your channel, could you do something more about the 3D modeling aspect on programs like Rhino? tips and tricks to navigate and make diagrams?

  10. The video is very useful, brother.
    don't forget to visit our channel too, friends
    there you can also get a lot of world architect references
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    Your SUBCRIBE is very helpful in building our channel.
    Thank you.

  11. whats the fucking point to paint it all over in photoshop., whay cant you make proper render in sketchup and then make render in lumion with gras, instead of painting it all in photoshop for 10 hours?

  12. this guy's understanding of light and shadow is on another level and to get to this you need years and years of experience
    love your videos <3

  13. Can you give a tutorial:
    1. Texture rendering
    2. rendering alpha
    3. rendering lines
    4. rendering ObjectID
    5. rendering ID
    I think if a basic tutorial like that exists, of course it will really complement your YouTube channel. That basic tutorial will certainly facilitate the steps of this tutorial from the start.
    thank you, sorry i am a beginner
    Your tutorial is very good and useful.

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