Antoine GRIEZMAN – Post Match Interview – Match 61

How are you feeling? Are you still stressed out? No, I’m tired because the team put in a huge effort. We all worked hard in defence, and after opening the scoring we tried to shut up shop and play on the counter attack. We didn’t have the same success as in the last match, but we won and we’re in the final. The team showed a lot of experience in spite of their young age in shutting up shop. Yes. The players play for big clubs in big competitions, so that helps. Although we’re young, we’ve got a lot of experience and we’re showing it match after match. It was another good match for you, with the corner for Umtiti’s goal. How are you feeling going into the final? Good. I helped out a lot in defence, but as soon as I got the ball I tried to get into my own rhythm and hold up the play or accelerate when necessary. It was a perfect match and I hope it’ll continue in the same way.

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