Answering ‘Tell me about yourself’ in a Job Interview – English Speaking

“Tell me about yourself”. It’s probably THE most common job interview question. Unfortunately, most people kill it with a boring answer. In a job interview in English, how can you respond to “Tell me about yourself” with an answer that will impress the recruiter, both with your English skills and with the answer that you provide. I’m Christina from Speak Better, Feel Great TV. The place to boost your English and boost your career. and today we’re going to look at how you
can craft your story statement to start the job interview right and
get the job you want. Ya ready? So, Mr. Dumont, tell me a little bit about yourself. Hello, my name is Jean-Claude. Nice to meet you. I’m 34 years old. I live in Grenoble and I work at Cowork Company. I studied at the Grenoble “Ecole” of Management. I have my diploma in 2004. And I’m a sales manager since 3 years and before I was a.. OK, let’s continue to the next question… When the interviewer says “Tell me about yourself”, they want your story. So don’t just recite your resumé, Tell them a story. You may think that this is too difficult for your level in English, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. The language doesn’t have to be very advanced, and the elements of your story just need to be well organized. You don’t have to include every single detail of your career, just enough to show that you’re a person and a professional. Here’s a basic structure that you can follow: First, Say something about your past. Then, add an emotion or some tension Next, include an action and how it had an impact on your life. You can include a second action and how it impacted your life also. Then, say how or why you arrived in your current situation Next, say something about the opportunity that this job offers. And finally make a connection between the future opportunity and your past experience. The interviewer should be able to predict the next “chapter” in your story, which ideally includes you working at their company. Of course, you should adapt your story to the job you’re interviewing for. Let’s look at a few examples. Feel free to pause this video if you want to read the examples slowly or note any useful language. Here’s an example of a job in marketing: Now, here’s an example of a job from the software industry: These story statements aren’t very long about 140 words each but they allow you to present your past, present, and future in an interesting way. Even if you didn’t always dream of becoming a quality system manager or a business support technician, you’ve probably had experiences that
connect your past to your present and to your future job that you want. You simply need to select the
right experiences to tell your story. Now, it’s your turn. Share your “story statement” with us in the comments below. It’s a great opportunity to get feedback from me and from other members of the Speak Better, Feel Great community. Did this video help you prepare your job interview in English? If you need to develop your English skills to get a better job, subscribe to my YouTube channel right now. Or better yet, go to and sign up for the newsletter where I
share exclusive resources and tools to help you boost your English and boost your career. I’m Christina, from Speak Better, Feel Great TV. See ya next time!

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  1. If someone have been changed his professional how he/she combine this all…
    Because his past totally changed to his present nd future..
    I think this type of cases is more than who didn't changed…
    I have been also faced bad experiences like this..
    Plz say something

  2. Hi, I'm Chakib, Thanks a lot for this video, It's great idea to introduce my self in job interview. Thanks again Christina

  3. Hi! My name is Velveth Conde. Since I was a kid I really love english language. When I was at school I had the best score in that class. I really love talking with others in english because I can improve it. One of my last job I treat with people from states and I really improve it and I think I lose fear and now I am pretty sure I can manage my nervous. Now I am applying here because I am sure I am a positive person and I like helping others.

    [What do you think about this?

  4. 04:43 you are wrong. Interviewer would not want to hear that you want to find a better company if you are not satisfied with your current company. This means you will also quit your new job when you find a better company. Instead of being like this, you should think of how to improve your current company.

  5. When I was a student i focused on my studies but I didn't have enough exposure about my future. But when I enrolled into Bachelor degree in civil engineering i had enough confident to set up my goal that i wanted to become a quality control engineering in a reputed organization like this company so today I'm interested to grab this opportunity to fulfill my knowledge and improve my skills. Thank you

  6. i´m Brenda Sanchez, from Mexico City, when i was a kid i started teaching spanish to the cleaning ladies who didn't know how to write and read in Spanish. I really felt very happy when i saw and listened to them reading and writing. I never thought of becoming an English teacher. I finished my studies, and suddenly somebody offered to me the opportunity of working in a kindergarten and primary school, I accepted it, and since then, I've been teaching english, for 19 years now.

  7. My name is Heba .I am 21 years old. I grew up in Egypt. I didn't finish my college yet. I am a student in the faculty of Arts and Humanities at English department. when I was a child , I want to be a translator , specially in Economic Field. It was so hard to join to the Alsun University because of my exam degrees. I started to search how to be a good translator , so I enrolled in too many websites as a volunteer for translating. Now I translated about 15 essay .

    I don't know if it what you asked us to write about ,but that's what I experienced in my life

  8. do you have to read your page to tell us? … you were reading all the time… anyway brilliant video! 🙂

  9. I dont speak english and i dont care anything about this video, she looks like a witch teacher with glasses.

  10. My name is Erjan and I am 30 years old. I grew up in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyz Republic. When I finished high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work in a big company, but that was all. In 2010 I started my career as a waiter in a small catering company – Alexcatering. Our team was strong and we were able to achieve all targets settled by our manager. I was enjoying working as a waiter, but it is important for me to keep my career in a growing position. I’ve got reception position in in a Holiday hotel in Bishkek. I’ve learned Front Desk agent skills and a night managers skills as well and it was useful for me. I remember that after one year, The Jumeirah was going to come to our country. I prepared myself for this interview and I was hired for a butler’s position. I was so happy, that I will finally work in a big company such as Jumeirah. I remember during one and a half month we got different kind of trainings. Well during my career in Jumeirah Company I’ve learned so many new things, well after 2 years I was promoter as a Sales Advisor in a corporate office. In September 2017, exactly after 3 years, I came back to Kyrgyzstan. Here in Kyrgyzstan, I’ve continued my career in a hotel sphere. I am working as a front desk manager in a Blok hotel. ( please correct me if I have mistakes) 🙂

  11. Give em' stories, huh? I think that would be ill advised. considering they'll probably be interviewing many ppl for the position. Unless the position is for a library book reader job.

  12. I’ve always been attentive to details, I noticed errors here and there all the time, and I actually couldn’t stand a feeling that I was surrounded by such an imperfect product beings.
    One day I found out that there was an position, called Software Engineer. Before that, I had a very vague idea, what IT industry in fact was. I imagened a huge office with some bearded guys, typing code all day long on their laptops, barely speaking. But when I have reassured myself, I desired to take place in that opportunity. And, I believe, Quality Assurance is the top notch, where I am able to apply my skills and abilities.
    Now I am looking forward to obtain an opportunity to improve my skills, to be able to accept bigger responsibilities, and apply new knowledge to help my company create better products.

  13. The interviewer doesn’t want to know where you were born, he wants to know the professional you, what you work right know, what your transferable skills to the new job. If you attended a school or any training that related to your new job.

  14. I have banking ; Insurance and shipping company 8 years experience. I have done Graduation in commerce from University. Can you please let me know how can I tell me about myself . Please

  15. your asnwers are fit to start about how to write a Motivation Letter or Statement of Purpose for convincing an university commitee to shorlist him for a particular degree program. Not a new job.

  16. I’m born in Mali and grew up also, I did my primary school and secondary school in public school of my town’s vicinity .when I got my baccalauréat I decided to follow my study in management thank God now I’m student in faculty of science economics and management to the knowledge hill

  17. I just got a new job a few days , but i didn't work well . After i have watched it , i hope i'll do get a great interview next time . Sincerly thank you From Viet Nam !

  18. I grew up in ankara city in turkey. when I finished my high school I know what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an english teacher and for that I spend of my time so much. I graduated from mehmet akif ersoy high school and now I study at selçuk university. My faculty is communıcation faculty and my department radio, television and cinema. I want to work in a big company. I know a big company offers big opportunıtıes to me. In a big company I can be a special woman. I always want to be self-confidence person. I know ıt takes time so much but ıf you have some dreams you can do what you want to do. Sometimes I write complex sentences but I know christina understand me. Even my mom wants to I am english teacher but I don' t wanna doing one work. I guess one person can do work more than one. I went to a language course but really ıt is not requires. I wanna be a speaker and english teacher at the same time. Because I like both works. To sum up, firstly I should passed exam for erasmus after that I can scream like "giye your hand world." I hope my dreams come true.

  19. I’m 51 years old And I started work too early wen I was teenager in a pharmacy attender, after that I work in several small companies, I got marry before my 20 and I have two kids, they all adults now, wen I was in my 40 years, I finish my college in Administration technician and my pos grade in LIBRAS – Language for deaf people in Brazil, I’m looking for increase my carrier and do the best I could to cooperate in your company because I have experience and skills.

  20. i started my career when I worked as a student teacher for colcoluss and physics at the university during my free time in the last five years. After graduating from the university in the field of electrical engineering, I trained at the IDECO for 9 months, where I did my full job. during my training in this company i worked as a sales representative at sun ray company for 3 months, a company specialized in solar cells Where I was able to get a huge project and managed to raise the level of sales of the company , and then trained at North Start, a company specialized in designing projects based on computer technology, i was able to design Model car on the Sold Work program, and then I was trained in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation as a site engineer in the project of setting up surveillance cameras in the Valley of the Arab dam , where I supervised the placement of these cameras, in this role was one of the main achievements that proud of the workers as they put columns containing cameras and solar panel, Reverse the direction of the sun amd this is a bigger mistake , so i told them wait wait what are you doing the plate should be in the front of the sun and It was placed in the direction of the sun to the south were the plate works , then i got a job in the Arab Business contracting Company in the ministry of finance complex project , which I am currently

  21. I have been watching alot of interview answers to FAQ videos… And I am thankful to have found you. I love your content, Keep up the good work…😄👍👍🇵🇭

  22. Hi,Christi, I'm J.G. I just want to say that ( I like the way you acting and speaking) & you looks wow.😘

  23. That was good Christina. I somehow was already doing what you said but I was adding more detail into it. I can improve more with your steps.
    I used to tell a little bit about my education and work experiences then I would have dragged the listeners to the characteristics which I have and might help them in the position at hand.

  24. Who can help me talk short story by English. I like English but i do not have opportunity talk English with foreign. From Việt Nam 🇻🇳
    My Facebook: Phạm Văn Nghĩa (da nang city)

  25. Ma please I really need your am planning on going for and interview which I only have Passion for but I don't have any experience about the work but I apply for the job. How can I put in to pass the interview

  26. Thank you so much Ms. Christina for the very knowledgeable inputs.Hoping you could give me a sample for a teacher on how to introduce herself.

  27. thougj a I have axgood English level. When I get phone calles from americano customers its har for me to understand everthing they say in English. please help. thogu i listen english every single morning while I get ready to work

  28. Hello maam christina, i always watch your video and it helped me a lot and gave me more idea oh how to speak english well. Thank you for this video and more power.

  29. Hello will I am Elisa from Ethiopia and I am study in Addis abebe I been working customers service in Hilton hotel almost 4year's and now I am working one biggest company in ggc as makeup artist and beauty advisor

  30. i was in college life,i"m working student at the time part time in auto repair to work as continue my course,all of the sudden i graduate i started to find a job,for the seek i apply in bus company and to abroad,,and find another work to other country, this is the time and dream to go and English,please check if i"m wrong ,speak English with christina thank you for

  31. thanks a lot but as African people we have had another method which is called based clan .whether graduates and non graduates

  32. I've no problem with english speaking But the other day when i had an interview in a hotel and had to introduce myself, the recruiter seemed to be unable to get her head around listening to my words which as a result i failed for the interview.. Well i couldn't care less, her english got fucked up and her grammar was creepy ,and it made no sense to me.

  33. Am andre and grew up in cartagena, after finishing my secundary school i began errolling in a technical institute where i got necesary skills to get a good job as automotive technician, later i understood that it was not suficient to me, every time i felt the need to keep growing up as proffesional, and the first step was to me , was begin to learn english and any customer service career, obviously to get success in this field i need begin in a big company like this i will do everythig you need to dont lost this oportunity

  34. I'm good at listening but I can't speaking/writing well because I'm scared of my grammar. Can somebody help me how to excel my english skills.

  35. Thanks a lot! My big dream is Expressing myself greater. Than people can understand all I want to say. You have a new subscriber.

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