AIB : Honest Indian Weddings (Part 1)

Traditional nervousness Over enthusiastic greeting This is our third house for the day
Hope your product will be worth buying Come inside She’s my wife, Sunita Wears jewellery worth a lakh and a half But still fights with tomato seller for petty sum Casual sexism And he’s my son Pankaj I masturbate 4 times a day Shame on you son Shameless So, we can’t see your liability anywhere Well actually Because of the wedding, we asked her to break up with her boyfriend last week Forcefully Must be wiping her tears My dear Poonam Showtime Baby They are here to make you their eternal maid Try the demo Have some and judge her character By the way Pankaj What are your accomplishents? Nothing as such But blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I have done the MBA Blah blah blah blah blah I have a MBA degree Blah blah MBA He should hump both our daughters Blah blah blah, the MBA was done by me MBA MBA MBA MBA Blah blah blah, M then B then A MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA Finance What happenned? Never mind By the way bhabiji Our daughter too has topped M.A After that PhD Sir Nobody gives a shit You are right Okay kiddo
Go inside you two And become soulmate in 15 mins Till then will decide how to give dowry Netbanking Cash on delivery Look, sir, we are very progressive people We’ll be fine with bitcoin as well! Absolutely Yes, bitcoins will do Will you say anything or have you shat your pants already? As you make such terrible painitng So any hobbies, passions that I can kill? No, which ever were left have already been killed by my family Oh, that’s sweet And what about you? I am a pilot Wow I ride my dad’s income Get it? lol lol lol lol lol So bad Thank you You must be drinking and smoking Ahhaa.. I won’t say now
After 3 months you’ll get to know at night club Even I will dance wearing a spaghetti at bar then So umm How’s your hymen? I mean, any boyfriends? Your ego won’t be able to handle my sex life, right? That’s true And you? Never went past asl in chat room These forearms haven’t built themselves So Anyways I don’t think I will get a hotter girl than you So, what do you say? Does anyone care? No Yes, rob us Is this for us? Of course Yes this too Take it Rob me Saved it for y’all only Take everything comfortably This will do? Yes, take whatever you want Yes, sir, take that as well So kids, what did y’all decide? In laws! Congratulations for stress Congratulation Congratulations for stress Leave my shoes at least, son There comes the fool! Come in, Come in *bleat* Child labour! Madam is going to spend too much Get tea instead of water! Tell me, sir, how should I con you today? Show us something that makes the groom’s family think that we have shit load of black money Sir, no one cares today unless you have 4 cuisines in the buffet Okay Have a look, sir, one dysentery counter One gastro counter Don’t forget the live diarrhoea counter! And one chocolate fountain for the kids to play with and make a mess Here’s something, ma’am Latest tacky color number one You are obviously going to reject this Which is why I am presenting it first Touch and feel it I want to puke Charges are per plate But 50-60 plates will be used by my people only Will tell my whole family to eat directly from the buffet counters This will go well with your insecurity A complete 500% margin Really original overpriced rate Ma’am buy and regret it! A little foreplay is a must Hey, third cousin from my village! Get the fake designer stuff from upstairs Designer! So how bad will it be? Double amount of your budget After all, your food will make people shit diamonds Ma’am, hundreds do the same act every day And I tell them all the same thing Last piece Okay, but loot us properly? Alright, for you, at your request, I shall con you right here Yes, okay First I’ll say something like “it’s inflation, market is down” Mimicing counting This is a fraud call, trying to avoid the client Pressing the calculator buttons hard Must be right if you’re using a calculator Worst price I wish Poonam was lesbian So now lets say what everyone says at the end of every negotiation Neither yours Nor mine But actually mine Your dad is screwed But sir, you have a boy! He’ll earn it back on his wedding! Anyway, nice being screwed by you Guddu, hand him some balm There’s henna in my hand How will I take a selfie? Giggle giggle giggle giggle Oh my God! Joke about your fiance!
Coy reactions to get candid looking shots on camera Ladies & Gentleman I am the only cousin in this family, who took part in debates in school So now I am forced to be the emcee With fake enthusiasm Clap clap clap And here is my first copied cliche joke Brought to you by Whatsapp Why are husband & wife always fighting? Hahaha It’s so funny And next I will ask the groom an inappropriate question About his honeymoon And I will shout a non-veg joke! Hahahaha Sensitive anti-climatic answer Which will make everyone go “Awwww” Awwww You avoided that but, but i will embarass you again by asking you to sing for Bride I’ll wait for some attention I will try getting more attention
-Forcefully! Bulid up, Build up
-Forcefully! Little more buildup
-Forcefully! More and more buildup
-Forcefully! I will wait more for attention
-Forcefully! A little more buildup
-Forcefully! Fine Don’t make me sing in public Go to hell you assholes Got insulted publicly My wife goes LOL and LMAO Cunt Now its time to embarass old people So tell us about your marriage granny! When I got married I was eight years old Applaud for child bride! To make the boring love story of our couple interesting we call upon the stage Their college friends! Shitty perfomance even after rehearsing for three weeks Up next is fat aunties doing easy steps because Arthritis! Drunkard uncle will do snake dance which will go viral on YouTube! Next an item number by kids because all is acceptable in a wedding, right? Applaud for vulgarity by kids Is this a wedding or Boogie Woogie? Applaud! Applaud! Applaud! Applaud! Applaud, you jerk! Why aren’t you applauding? And now the final dance where dancers will bring the couple to the stage! Thank you to the uncle who got cheap army liquor Try stay away from uncle, he will try to hit on you Kids will try to get some action Then they will get drunk & they will regret tomorrow

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  1. कॉमेंट पढ़ने का मजा ही कुछ और है

  2. Mein din mein chaar baar hilata hu lanaat hai beta 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Aapki ego meri sex life handle nahi kar payegi na ..😀

    Ye forearms aise hi thode na bane

  4. Just a generic comment praising the quality of the video that you won't find that interesting and would wonder how did it get likes.

  5. Aaj ke time mein koi lun ni de raha dahej aur koi itni sareef families nahi hai ladki walo ki aajkal ki girls se toh bach ke raho

  6. They will never make fun of bullshit Western ethics of sleeping with anyone and nudity.
    Some art forms are paid only to make fun of India.

  7. Lol liberal jokes, what's sexist about saying what he said? It's the truth in desi places, pathetic attempt at trying to critisize desi culture, stop with the whamen feminist shit

  8. 7:25 मेरे हाथों में लगी है मेहंदी. अब कैसे लुं मैं सेल्फी??
    میرے ہاتھوں میں لگی ہےں مہندی. اب کیسے لوں میں سیلفی؟؟

  9. Groom's parents : demand dowry.. 😁
    Bride's parents :hamara beti government employee hai😎😎
    Groom's parents :hame toh kuch nehi chahiye baas ladkiya de dije..

    😂 😂 😂 lol

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