A writer’s journey, a poem by a Harvard student

It’s taken me a long time to think of myself as a writer. I first turned to writing as a way of representing El Salvador as I
knew it, my parents homeland, a beautiful country
full of stories, the home to abuelita’s farm. Like many immigrant parents, my
parents really valued education but I’d never really thought about life in
college. Let alone Harvard. My cousin’s in El Salvador aren’t even able to go to school every day. At Harvard, I have early endless resources. People often
think of writing as a lonely endeavor but for me writing has always been about
being conversation with others. I’ve learned here that writing is stronger
when it’s rooted in a sense of community that’s how my writing led me to
classmates with similar pride in being immigrants or the children of immigrants.
It was the inspiration for Palabritas, a latin ex literary publication i
co-founded this past semester. If you write, you’re a writer I hope that being
published in Palabritas helps people especially those who have never shared
their work begin to call themselves writers. My dream is to build a career as
a writer and an educator. When I’m finishing a book manuscript, I know I won’t be doing it alone. It’ll be on abuelita Carmen’s farm in El Salvador, a place of story in the homeland of so many of the people who’ve gotten me where I am today.

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