A LinkedIn Profile Writer is Totally Worth it!

its just incredible how important
LinkedIn is these days I i was reading their annual report just
a couple days ago in something like fifty percent of the
revenue or more comes from selling products to recruiters I get a sense talking to people that a lot of people just aware that things
have changed LinkedIn is becoming more and more and more important and also get a sense that people are
frustrated because they don’t know that next step his head
away really use my LinkedIn profile to get that promotion forget that job and when you don’t have clear next steps
people just don’t take action that’s why I think having a professional LinkedIn profile writer
help you out is so incredibly important because it takes the burden of view you
answer a couple of questions with the writer day look at your profile your resume in
a couple of days later you just copy and paste incredible LinkedIn profile
online and you don’t have to worry about it
anymore so if yours if you know that things have
changed and you know that LinkedIn’s important you’re feeling a little bit stuck about
that I totally get that a lot of people are feeling stuck and is
that a try to do it all yourself I’m consider using a LinkedIn profile
writer someone who’s actually specialized in writing LinkedIn profiles because
it’s very different than a resume and the value for me I see is just a immense almost instantaneous
because so many recruiters ninety-five percent
recruiters are using LinkedIn looking good that first impression that
you can make with a great LinkedIn profile man it’s just gonna pay off almost

2 thoughts on “A LinkedIn Profile Writer is Totally Worth it!

  1. Great clip, Joshua, thanks!  I totally agree with you about the value of a great LinkedIn profile.  Who would you recommend as a LinkedIn profile writer?

  2. a writer would be nice, but I don't have the hundreds of dollars that "professional " LinkedIn profile writer's charge.

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