7 Tips to Get Into the Article Writing Zone

Hi I’m Marc the Communications Manager for
EzineArticles.com. Many successful article marketers say the more you write the larger your impact and they’re right! So why is it that so many authors find it
hard to either start writing or a complete articles that they’ve already
started. Well part of it has to do with your frame
of mind. You see the mindset that you have can make or break the success of your article
writing session. If you tell yourself you’re going to get something
done, you’re going to eliminate distractions and
get into the writings zone, then you’re setting yourself up for success. In this video, I’ll share seven tips to get into the article
writing zone. My first tip, is to intentionally create and control you’re
writing environment. This may include anything from having the
right clothing on to listening to the right type of music or creating complete silence. It can be finding the perfect room temperature writing in your favorite chair or desk and even
having the right amount of light in the room. Whatever environment allows you to focus on
writing efficiently and effectively. is the type of environment that you should
try to create when you’re going to write articles. Now my second tip is to simply manage your time. This means being free for blocks of time without distraction or interruption from friends
and family, co-workers or whomever. If you have to lock yourself in a room and and do it. Don’t answer the phone, don’t check your email, your voice mail, your
PDA, facebook, twitter, nothing. You can check those things later. This is time for you and it’s your time to write. That’s it. Create a chunk of time that you can sit and write without any distractions. Keep your focus on the words and the content
that you are sharing with your readers. You’d be surprised how much you can get done when you’re focused. My third trip, is to try writing at different times throughout
the day or night Usually the sage advice says only right when you’re at your mental best. But perhaps you write better when you’re burning
the midnight oil like I do, or right after breakfast or after your favorite prime time television
show. Test it out. How great would it be if you suddenly realize that you struggle
to write because you’re writing session conflicted
with your daily schedule. It’s even better if you’re able to find that
perfect time that allows you to quickly enter the writing zone. Now speaking of quickly entering the writing zone, that leads me to my fourth tip which is to create your zone trigger. You want to have something you do or you say
or you think that will is instantly trigger your mind set and motivate you and put you in the writing zone. Now simply imagine the last time you were
in the zone and writing was effortless and the words seemed
to flow from your fingertips. That’s the place you want to put your mind when you began to write. My fifth tip is to pre-write your way to success before you enter the zone. Now it sounds kind of odd but what this means is too freely jot down ideas and thoughts
on what you’re going to write about in the future. Any idea that pops into your head it’s worth writing down. Do this so you’re subconscious mind can organize the thoughts for you. The creativity that is in you will often outline the major points of your
article. Or even mentally pre-write the entire
article for you so that physically writing the article will
be effortless. Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious
mind. My sixth tip is to create a deadline for yourself. If you’re like the majority of people you might be a bit of a procrastinator, and you wait for the last minute to get anything
done. If so, why not pretend that you’re writing for the New York Times and that you have to have the article into
the editor in fifteen to thirty minutes. I bet you find your writings zone. If you create that deadline and then force yourself to write. My seventh tip is to remove mental chatter and enter and stay in the zone. Don’t let your mind wander when you want to
write. Tell yourself that you’re going to write X number of articles and then stay focused on it. Psych yourself up prior to writing similar to professional athletes before the big
game. When you’re writing don’t worry about anything else your main focus right now is too write. That’s it. If you can keep your mind on that article you’re more likely to stay in the writing zone. In the end ultimately have the decision to write
or not. You can consciously frame your mind so that you can enter the writing zone quickly and easily. It takes a conscious effort to set yourself
up for success. You can do so by controlling your environment, pre-writing and finding your zone trigger, creating deadlines, and clearing your mind to stay focused. Take these tips and go find your writing zone. Maximize your time in the zone and produce has many high quality articles as
you can. Then submit those articles to EzineArticles.com for more traffic back to your web site or blog. Go ahead go find your writing zone.

37 thoughts on “7 Tips to Get Into the Article Writing Zone

  1. People always found it odd about me, but I always had to wear the right thing and be in a certain spot to complete my work. I've been like this since I started writing overall. I was only 13 when I started and I have tested out different types of writing to find what I'm most comfortable with. This was a good video.

  2. when it comes to focusing on what to write, when to do it and where to find what to write (learn to let it come naturally) with 7 tips I got here! they're awaesome and easy to empliment. thank you.
    Michael De Luca

  3. Holy Gwuacamoly! This is exsctly what I've been daydreaming about. the fact that this video exists is so credible its mentally eatable! Thanks a Billion BILLION, Marc! Man'O'Man, do I love this YouTube channel. As a daydreamer writing is my electrical outlet for creativity. its amazing how much i have to say right now. This is going straight to my memory bank!

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  6. Sometimes it is hard to find that zone trigger, but if you recognize it and it starts, you are on your way to finishing the article a lot faster. Appreciate the techniques you presented here, very helpful for writers.

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  8. Still A Subscriber!!! My gosh was this video refreshing to see, hear and mentally breathe. I used to love writing, scratch that …. I still love writing! (I will follow these steps to trace my heart's path to equanimity.) #ThanksMarc

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