7 Celebs Who Partied Way Too Hard ft. Post Malone, G-Eazy & More! | Ranked: Ridiculousness

– Now, this particular
category right here, it’s a story about you
getting drunk as a skunk. – (beep) It led me
to a bad place, man. I mean a glorious bad place. (laughing in audience) But nah, not so glorious. (audience cheering and clapping) – Post Malone, I know you titled
that album Stoney, I gotta believe
there’s some passion for marijuana in
there somewhere. – Yeah, man, I used to
420 blaze it everyday. – Okay. – But I don’t really no more. Someone gave me something with, like, some PCP
or crystal meth in it. – [Rob] Okay. – So now I can’t smoke no more. – Okay. – Yeah, I don’t
know what happened, but now it hurts. (laughing) – I was gone for like 3 months, and like, I came to, and I’m like (murmurs) – Exactly. Nah, it was the worst. It was the worst thing
that’s ever happened to me, but I’m okay now. (audience clapping) – Alright look, so I understand you like to do some partying, and your neighbors
aren’t having it, man. What’s going on with that? – [G-Eazy] Just once or twice. – [Rob] And what happened? Like you got a specific
famous neighbor that’s just kind
of dick or what? – I guess he just
wasn’t a fan, ya know? – [Chanel] Oh, I’ve
heard about this. – He just didn’t understand. – [Rob] I mean, what? – He just didn’t understand. (audience laughing) – And did he not understand
’cause he was trying to get some sleep and
you were just like (reenacting party scene) like 5 in the morning? – [G-Eazy] Maybe, maybe. – “Shut the (beep)
up! We’re still going! We’re almost gone!” (audience laughs) – Maybe that happened
once or twice, I don’t know. He came over and he’s like, “It’s been 3 days in a row! It’s 5 in the morning! Stop partying!” I don’t think he
talked like that. I don’t know why
I did that accent. (Chanel and audience laughs) – And so when you ended
up putting it in a song, what did you refer to him as? – Uh, my bitch ass neighbor. (audience laughs)
– [Rob] That’s it, that’s it. – No, man, I was
just trying to live. Man, you know, I ain’t know
it was a quiet neighborhood. (beep) – We have heard that you
recently got pulled over for drumming too
aggressively on the road. Is that true? – Oh, my God. Yeah, dude. – What happened, man? – I was air drumming. – [Rob] And, like,
and then what? (laughing) And then the cops were like, “You wanna know what you’re
not gonna do around here is rock out.” (audience laughs) It’s like Footloose
or something, like– – And so, like, he
pulled up next to me, and he’s lookin, and I’m like (audience laughs) You know, ’cause I’m
like, you know show ’em I’m not scared. I’m jamming. You can’t stop me. You can’t stop me from
enjoying this music. – (beep) – Completely (beep) fired. (laughing) (clapping) – Madison, listen
to a great story about where you had a
party at your house, and your dad insisted
on being there. Uh, what happened? – I just, just the fact this
keeps getting brought up hurts me, but (laughing) I had a party at my house, and my dad was like, “You guys are like 16, and I’m not gonna let
you be unattended.” He’s like, “So if
you throw the party, I’m gonna be, you know,
a security guard.” He’s like, “I’m wearing a hat. I have glasses on. I’m gonna be in a black hoodie.” I’m like, “Okay, sure.” And he stood in the corner, and after the party
he was scarred ’cause he saw one of my
friends making out with a dude, and he was like, “I
can’t believe I saw her. I’ve known her since
she was five years old. That makes me so upset!.” I was like, “I told you
not to come to the party.” – And how did he do? I mean, did
everybody think like, Ah, that’s just security? – No, everyone was like,
“Hey Rob. How ya doin?” (laughing) – So everybody knew it was
your dad? They already knew — – It was humiliating, yes. – We all party, right? – What? No. (laughing) – And occasionally, we
get hurt when we party. We have a video
where it looks like you might have gotten
a party injury. Let’s take a look. – “Jenna, how did
you break your hand?” Well Angel faces, over Memorial Day weekend, I got obliterated
drunk at my own house, and broke my own hand. (laughing and giggling) – What happened? – Well, I actually
woke up the next day, and sort of had that
moment of, like, beer fear, where you’re like,
“Wait, what did I do?” And then I looked at my hands, and it was all black, and I was like, “Oh
yeah. That’s broken.” – Ah, man. – [Jenna] Yeah. – Is beer fear like PPD,
Post Party Depression? – [Jenna] Oh, yeah.
Just like that. – [Rob] Okay. – Now, I got to believe
you’ve been involved in the type of shenanigans where a man has gotten so drunk that he has not woken up and that you’ve markered
him up or some sort of — – Oh, man. That was
high school days. (laughing) We weren’t drinking back then because it was under age just — (laughing) – He’s just calculating it up. He was counting. Wait a minute, wait a minute. – That was the most classic
thing during high school. My brother did it to
one of our teammates and put a big huge penis
going into his mouth. We had practice
the next morning, and literally that
coach was like, “Yo. What were you
guys doing last night?” (laughing) He was like, “What?” He’s like, “You got a big
penis going into your mouth–” (laughing) – Now this particular
category right here, It’s a story about you getting drunk as a skunk – (beep) It led me to a bad place, man. I mean a glorious bad place, but nah, not so glorious. – So what happened? – I mean it was a party
with some older kids, and you know these older
really pretty girls were next to me, and I was trying to
be cool, you know? And I was already high, and then I’m just,
like, drinking, and you know. (laughing) And they’re like, “Whoa!” They’re like, “You’re
like immune to it.” I’m like, “Yeah.” (laughing) And then I just kept
chugging the bottle, and then (beep)
just went hella bad. Just left turn. Just (mimic car
turning and vomiting) And I just threw up. Yeah, just projectile. Was
fully not cool anymore.

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  1. Has anyone noticed Robs hate for the name Jeff??
    Pretty sure he was picked on by someone named Jeff…..
    It's so clear!!! 😂🤣
    WTF when your name is Rob, Robert, Bobby, and Bob…… lol. Yeah Bob, you don't get to pick your name you dumbf**k. So to Bob Dyrdek, Just shows how money can make you so shallow even when it comes to someone's name when they have ZERO control over it.

  2. Is post malone really dressed like that wow IM DONE!!! IM DONE….and if any of you new age youngsters fall for the celebrities which are elites and part of the cult and if you fall for there plan to feminize men so we dress like girls and they try to turn it into the new style and hope you follow along already got men wearing super tight skinny Jean's lookin like men that like men and the girly hair style is also trending because the rappers are making this look cool some are even wearing skirts and carrying purses then they make the women act like men wow there definitely proving the conspiracy theories to be true

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