19 thoughts on “3 Ways to Write Content That Will Go Viral | Get More Facebook Shares!

  1. Where can I find your webinar subtitled in Spanish? I'm interested in everything it teaches is of great value. It would be good for Spanish speakers to have their material. Le saludo desde Santiago de Chile

  2. Neil brother, can you please make a video on Facebook SEO, means how can my post will be available on news feed and searches on Facebook to get more visibility… Please neil.

  3. Neil…I am so glad that I found you. I have been binging on your videos for last few days. You go above and beyond anyone else to put your learnings across is such a simple way. I have a quick question for you. I am starting a health blog but I don't want my employer or colleague to know about it. As such I don't want to promote on my personal profiles of facebook and linkedin. Am I leaving a lot on the table? Can I create a seperate facebook profile and get same traction?

  4. Yo dude. you think people still click those 'no. 6 will shock you' links? I'm sick of such ads. 'Mother shocked to see her daughter's bank balance' seriously? As a writer, I'd be embarrassed to snatch and have such stupid people read my content.

  5. sir really you are a great peron .. i am confused in 2 things what is the best kind of blogging viral blogging or normal blogging??i

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