3 tips for IELTS Writing Task 2 – Generating Ideas

Hey! This is Amanda from Utalkly.com On one of
my videos I got a comment fromLJ. Thanks for the great video. Can you
tell us tips for idea generation for making an outline? Thank you so much LJ for asking this question
because I know so many of you struggle with this. So today I have three tips for you. Number one, read. So one of the problems people have with not
having any idea on what to talk about is that really… what you need to do is read and
watch videos to increase your knowledge. So this is really going to help you out when
you get a topic for IELTS writing task 2, and you want to prepare for it. One way to practice is to watch videos or
read articles or blogs on the topic. This is very beneficial because you will learn
so much vocabulary. A lot of the vocabulary will be appropriate. You’ll improve your writing style simply by
reading what other people have written about the topic. Your writing will
also improve. You will be able to model the grammar… the
high level vocabulary and that will really help you out. Tip
number two, brainstorm. So before you begin to write go ahead and
just write down any idea that you have, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Just brainstorm. So write a list of any ideas you can think
of on the topic. Now this is to prepare before your outline. So
when you have your list just choose. What the best idea you have? There are the best ideas from your list. Now what I mean by best ideas is not the ideas
that you like necessarily. They’re not really the ones that you really
enjoy… What I mean by best idea is the ideas that
you have that you can really come up with a lot of a good… good vocabulary. Ideas that you can write about easily and
you can come up with an example very easily. This is what I mean by good idea, but make
sure that your ideas match the question. Make
sure that it matches the task. Tip number three is to reflect. Think about your past experience. You know, I’m sure you know something. You have some experience on the topic, even
though that doesn’t seem to really relate to the task. Just kind of think about how your experience
could connect to the task. So just use what you know already, especially
when you’re already in the test. Also keep in mind that you don’t get any more
points or you don’t get higher marks for having good ideas. So your ideas can be bad. They don’t even have to be good ideas but
you have to use good English. That’s the point with IELTS writing. So if this video was helpful for you please
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