$20 PER DAY by chatting and answering questions!

Hello and this is Aiza Mercado, today I will tell you how we can earn 10 to 20 dollars per day with chating and answering questions of some users with this website and take note, this is all free and we will not have to pay membership fee Do you want to earn some money online? click on the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and click on the bell as well so you will be notified to my videos where we can earn money money Now im sharing you this website called ………………… (read description) You can download it on Android and iOS and the same time it has its own website. you will get paid by chat of course you should use your English language here not native language like Tagalog or Filipino should be universal language and that’s English this is my dashboard and take note I just joined the morning and sign up here on this website and as you can see, i already earn $ 27.68 dollars I just chat and I just answer those questions and just got paid in 1 day Let’s talk about the profile, how are we going to get paid? per account, we have called “level”. check level information, and for every level it has chat rate of course I get the higher your level the chat rate per day I’m level 4 and my chat rate is $1.30 per chat if new user, your on level 1 and chat rate is $1 per chat You will have your badges too so here, upon sign up will ask what topic you want to be ask or what topic do you want to join in the chat rooms Here you can see your balance and here in balance details where you can see your earning history here at bank details should only be bank or atm account number you will not be able to apply coins.ph or any other btc wallet and take note every end of the month can be withdrawn here at community bonus you will get 4% daily if you ask question. you should also ask, not only answer. you should also ask to give chance to give others who wants to be expert to your questions That the profile part…….. Let’s talk about how we can earn in chat and answer inquiries so here on the side…. asked, answers , rooms, favorites, archive and profile. so here in the left section, ask if you want to play games, about lovelife or If you like to have a survey or any questions. just ask anything the term here is USER and EXPERT. when i asked, i am the USER. and when you answer, you are called EXPERT here in ask, you can ask any topics you can ask once a day to have community bonus here in ANSWERS….. all questions here will be present so what is your favorite chocolate? Are you happy now on your life? naughty or sweet? manual or automatic What’s the best for a girl driver? It’s a chat room and for every chat here, you have points or you can earn here so it depends….. depending on the user if he will choose you to earn on that certain question Not all chats are paid should be honest, most attentive and most informative expert so that user will love and like you heres my tip: I’m just selecting the chat rooms I’m currently in i dont waste 10 mins of my time taking and talking what am i doing is… i always enter chat room with riddles puzzle words, jumbled words mathematics equations i love solving problems and mystery why that kind of topic? because… if you win the game, the user will have no choice but to score you if usual topic… you need to be expert in answering. but in games…. you only need to answer CORRECTLY. So example…. i found “guess the picture” we can try this and try to answer correctly You need to have fast internet too for now, my internet is slow, expected that i will lose We are now here in the chat room…. much better if you enter with a small amount of experts, less competition I’m doing a double window. when I do not know the answer, i search immediately playing……………. after that, here you will be given points or money if the user choose youn because you answer correctly It’s not just a question are being able to answer here, we’re doing some games here too here in upper right, 54 experts answered in this chatroom count down 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 how to do and dont’s after the chat room. who else gave a good answer? choose expert to vote you do not have to click i dont know. i will vote anna banana then click done after, you will go back straight to the chat rooms wait for the pop out window if the user have given us points for the past because we answered correctly ok so that’s my trick on how to chat and earn. we’re giving that user a score, he gave me a badge participated in chat, and he gave me 0.03 dollars That’s where favorites placed, all those who gave you a heart and direct messages archive, questions you have answered and your responsibilities. invite friends and get $5. for everyone you refer that reaches 500 reputation, they get $5 too Just chat with chat and you have to know what you are saying for you to have a reputation score and badges. you can edit your profile as well and your picture minimum withdrawal here is $ 20 and at the end of the month, we will make video for proof of withdrawal this site is so easy to use and we can earn 10 to 20 dollars per day hit thumbs up, subscribe and also subscribe to my telegram channel you can share this video to other too. this is aiza mercado again and have a great day!

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