2.3 Step Up to Writing Words

– So let’s look at this word. – Cat. – /c/a/t/, cat. Can you use these letters
to spell the word cat? – /a/t/. – Nice. Okay and so we have cat. could you change that first
letter to make a new word? Which is you put the
/m/ instead of the /c/. Now what word do you have? – Mat. – Nice! Can you write the word mat? Write on your stair step. Say each sound as you write it. – /m/a/t/, mat. – Mat. So what was this word? – Cat. – And you changed the first
letter to make the word? – Mat. Nice! Could you change
that first letter again to make a new word? Another word. – Pat. – Can you spell pat? Say each letter as you write it. – /p/a/t/, pat. Right. Now I’m gonna make it really really hard. Are you ready for a challenge? – Yeah. – I want you to change that middle letter to make a new- That’s a tough one. Look at all the letters you have and see what would make a word. I couldn’t even trick you. – Pete. – Is it Pete? Let’s say it again. – /p/e/t/, pet. – I couldn’t trick you. Can you spell the word pet? – /p/e/t/, pet. Look you changed the middle
letter from /a/ to /e/. And it changed from pat… – To pet. – Nice job! Okay let see if I can- Do you think I can trick you? I think you will get this one. Can you change the first
letter to make a new word? You have pet. – Cet. – Cet. Now that is That’s a nonsense. They are called nonsense words. It’s not a real word. You can sound it out. You can say it. Cet. This is not a real word. – Nonsense. But I bet I bet you could find a letter… Did I help you? I bet. (giggling) Alright. So we are here now say the sound. – /b/e/t/, bet. Nice! So you changed the first
letter from /p/ to /b/. – /b/e/t/, bet. – Nice job. Okay. Let’s see. You know what? You did it! You changed that first- Wait! Before you write tell me what you did. – Change. – What did you change? – The first one. – The first letter from /b/ to? – /s/ – Say the sound as you write it. – /s/e/t/, set. Nice job! You are putting your name. Aren’t you? – Mmmh. – Al right. You did a great job building words, buddy! (mumbles gently) /s/ I’m proud of you for building words. And spelling words. Look at all these words you spelled! Can you read them? Okay can you read them? – Mmmh. Mat. I mean cat. Mat. Pat. Pet. Bet. Set. – You rock! Good job!

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