12 Best Side Hustle Ideas for 2019 [That Pay Well]

there has never been a better time to
make some extra income on the side and so in this video we’re gonna talk about
twelve different side hustles that you can do that actually will generate a
decent amount of income for you and as we’re going through these I will have
links to every single one down below and additional information that I’m talking
about will all be down in the description down below so check that out
if you need any more details and so with that out of the way let’s get started all right first on the list is Uber or
Lyft whatever you prefer and so I’m sure you’ve probably ridden with one of them
but you can drive for them and I’m sure you know this you might have even
thought about it but it’s actually pretty decent and flexible side hustle
that you can take advantage of and actually earn a decent amount of money
as well Uber and Lyft both have different
earnings kind of figures that they advertise and I’ve seen anything from
twenty to thirty five dollars an hour every town is going to be different so
it’s it’s just a hard one to know exactly what you’re gonna get until you
kind of start diving in a little bit but driving for each one of these companies
offers a lot of flexibility and kind of just gives you some control over your
own schedule and when you want to work but I do know that both Lyft and Uber
are really trying to recruit drivers at the time of this recording so it’s
definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for a good flexible way
to make some extra cash all right next on the list is this one’s kind of
interesting so I stumbled across this probably six or nine months ago but
basically this guy I think his name is Brian he kind of built his own business
where he was going around to different local businesses and cleaning picking up
the trash on their parking lots and he kind of developed a system where he’s
doing this and making over-or into the six figures picking up trash off of
parking lots and anyway and he created like ebook basically where he shows
exactly how to do this and you know I more or less telling you exactly what
you need to do in order to get gigs like this and build a business like this and
personally I just get excited when I see people like this entrepreneurial spirit
coming out and this guy taking there’s a little thing of walking around parking
lots picking up trash and turn it into not only a full-time income but a really
nice full-time income and so for this one if you like being outside you like
walking a lot you know it’s something definitely consider alright next on the
list is Airbnb and just like the first one uber you
probably have heard of this you might have already used Airbnb you might use
it all the time but you can actually earn some really good money just by
renting out your house or by renting out even a room in your house and I’ve even
heard about students renting out their dorm rooms so depending what city you
live in and how well-traveled it is you could even consider that we have friends
in town actually who every time they travel and go out of town they rent
their house out in many cases they actually earn money while they’re
traveling because they’re getting paid more from renting out their house and
they’re actually spending to stay other places so and one of the big
concerns that a lot of people have and it’s just something I’ve thought about a
lot is you know what happens if something comes in just destroys my
house and so Airbnb has this million-dollar host guarantee where they
will just take care of anything that happens you know things are covered up
to a million dollars which is really great they also have the insurance thing
taking care of this host protection insurance and the other part of this
that I like a lot that makes me feel a whole lot better versus just renting it
out to somebody on Craigslist is it Airbnb you can see and you can choose
who’s going to rent out your place and so you know you can see what kind of
reviews they have and if you don’t want to run to somebody you don’t need to so
that kind of flexibility just eliminates a lot of the kind of concern and risk so
if you’re traveling if you are you know going on vacation this is definitely
something to consider because you could easily make a few hundred if not a
couple thousand dollars depending how long you’re going all right next up is
Amazon Flex and what this is is basically you deliver boxes for Amazon
so UPS isn’t cutting it and you know the Amazon is just obviously everywhere and
they are just delivering stuff like crazy especially with Prime Now and so
they have this program called Amazon Flex where you can get paid to deliver
boxes for Amazon and apparently you can make 18 to 25 dollars an hour which is
really cool and it’s also a very flexible one where like I say or you can
be your own boss set your own schedule and just kind of control when you’re
going to do this and on top of that it’s like I don’t know if it gets much easier
than driving over an address with GPS drop on a package off on the doorstep
and the walking away and to be able to potentially make $25 an hour doing that
that is pretty cool all right next on the list is an app called User
Testing and it’s an app website and we actually did a separate review about it
so I’ll have that linked up down in the description as well as above and
basically what this is is you are testing websites and getting paid to do
it and so there are a lot of companies who might have built a website and they
want to see how users respond to it if the website is communicating what they
want to be communicated and so they hire testers to come on the website and to
give feedback you know so does this landing page make sense do you know
where to click to get to the store or the checkout button and they’ll ask you
questions like this and you just answer questions using a headset microphone and
your job is just to answer questions that they ask you about this specific
website so it’s really pretty simple not much to it you get paid $10 a test and
they estimate that most tests take about 20 minutes and so you’re looking at
around $30 an hour now the only downside about this one is that I don’t know how
scalable it is in that I don’t know that you could turn this into a full time job
I don’t know if there’s enough tests available you know so you might be
limited on what’s available to you but either way it’s a pretty simple way to
make some extra cash all right next on the list is selling
used books and I actually have this video here which I will link to above as
well where we go in a little bit more detail about this but basically one
thing I’ve done is go into Goodwill and find used books and then I used an app
to kind of scan that book to see what I could sell it for online and oftentimes
you can go to Goodwill and buy a book for 25 cents that you might be able to
sell for five or ten dollars online and so obviously if you can repeat that a
few times you can actually make some decent money and so if you don’t mind
shopping through Goodwill kind of looking for things like that which I
actually enjoy I think it’s really fun this is something that you could do and
earn some decent cash obviously have a hundred percent control over when you do
this and yeah a pretty good option to consider alright next on a list is a
company called LiveOps in what they do is a higher call center agents and their
virtual call center agents so you can work from home so as long as your house
is quiet or you have a quiet room in your house where you can kind of answer
these calls you’re good to go and this one also offers a good amount of flex
ability in terms of setting your own schedule the earnings on this one might
be lower than a few of the other ones we’ve explored on this list so far but
obviously being able to work from home and being able to set your own hours is
a pretty desirable thing all right next up is starting an eBay business and that
might sound more intimidating than it actually is and I wrote this article
here which I will have linked up up above and on the description below that
you can check out but basically I did an experiment where I wanted to see if I
could start an eBay business and I went out and bought basically some guitar
necks from a wholesaler at a wholesale price and then I resold them on eBay and
I measured out my profit to kind of see how much I get earned and to see if this
was something I could scale up and all those results are in this blog post here
and I also did an interview with another friend of mine in another video which
I’ll link to up above as well where he paid off $80,000 of debt just using eBay
and working a few hours on each Saturday and so in that video he talks about his
strategy of how he used eBay to do this in which it’s just really simple and so
if you haven’t sold anything in eBay definitely check it out like we’ve we
have a lot of videos about it and we have a really simple kind of
step-by-step how-to and just by doing that selling one thing you can kind of
get your feet wet to see if there’s something you would consider doing but
it’s it’s a whole lot less intimidating than it seems
and I’ll have that video linked up in the description as well if you want to
check that out and if you know and honestly like just starting or with the
stuff around your house there’s a great way to just start earning some extra
cash and then if you enjoyed that then you can decide to turn it into a business
if that’s something that you want to do all right next up is a
website called Upwork and this is one where I actually go to hire a whole
bunch of people and basically it’s a community of freelancers who do just
about everything so as you can see on this list here there are all kinds of
different freelancers who work from this website and so basically as a freelancer
you can go here and put out a profile and say that say that you do creative
writing or maybe you do presentations for people or logo design or maybe you
do web research or maybe you’re a virtual assistant or you know any of
these things and you just go put your profile out there say that you do
this at your own price whatever you want to get paid and then people like me will
come out here and we’ll be searching for something and we will hire things and I
honestly most of my hires go through this site and I know a lot of other
people who hire almost exclusively from this website like when you’re looking
for a freelancer so if you have some sort of skill I mean really this is just
a drop in the bucket of what they have but if you have some sort of skill that
you could freelance with this is definitely something to consider
because you have a lot of control you know so you can you have control
obviously what jobs you take but also what your pay is so if you only want to
work for X amount or over you know you can set that you know and obviously no
one’s going to hire you if you know if they if they want to pay less than that
so and I’ve actually had a few friends who’ve started here and you know just
kind of got their feet wet as they were trying to work out of you know working
for another company to kind of become a full-time freelancer and it’s just a
great way to start getting some business and just kind of getting your feet wet
with the whole freelance thing and in the similar vein something else you
could do is if you have some sort of skill that you can teach other people you go
to a website like this like TakeLessons here where basically you can
come on here as a teacher and you can teach about whatever the thing is that
you’re really knowledgeable about so these are just a handful of things but
we’ll click over here to view all lessons just so you can see everything
that’s available but there’s all kinds of like academic tutoring any kind of
computer skills if you’re really good at like whatever CAD software or maybe it’s
Microsoft Office like you can teach people about that obviously like any
kind of language or like instrument and something that’s really cool that I
didn’t even know they did until I started looking at this you can do like
you could teach guitar lessons virtually so this doesn’t even need to be local so
you can do this virtually therefore you can reach a much wider audience than
maybe just the whatever the 15 miles around your house that you might
normally be teaching guitar lessons so it’s a great way to take your skill and
turn it into some extra cash so if you have something like that do you love to
I don’t know just share with people and actually get paid to teach like this is
something to consider all right next up is Real Estate Investing and this is not
like obviously a very quick turn this into cash type of thing but my friend
Brandon Turner over at BiggerPockets we actually did an interview together and
this blog post here just kind of goes into some of these basics of how to get
started as a beginner and if you’re considering doing this definitely check
out this interview because Brandon is one of these smartest guys in the
industry he works for probably the biggest real estate website real estate
education website online right now called Bigger Pockets and he’s written a
few books and just super super knowledgeable and he’s done all this
stuff himself he started just you know picking up one rental property and then
just continuing to add more and more now he’s got a huge portfolio and it’s just
making a really nice income from all these real estate holdings that he has
so if you are thinking about getting into real estate investing definitely
check this out to get a little more detail before you move forward and last
on the list is a website called Turo and I really love this one cuz basically
imagine it like this it’s like Airbnb but for your car and so essentially what
it is, is it’s people renting out their cars to other people wanting or needing a
car so instead of having to go to Enterprise or Hertz to rent a car you
can rent from individuals and you can rent for a fraction of the price and a
lot of times it’s a whole lot easier and more convenient yeah and so I’ve used
this as a renter a lot I haven’t rented out my car yet but I’ve rented a lot
from it and it’s just brilliant so one of the things I love obviously is that
it’s considerably cheaper than renting from the big car companies but on top of
that like certain airports you might need to take a couple trams or a bus to
get over to the car rental area because the airport’s so big and you know and
sometimes that takes you a half an hour to get over there and stand in line and
get your car and whatever else and many times one of rents from Turo the person
renting the car will actually come right up to the baggage claim area and I can
just walk right out with my bags and hop in my car and so it saves me a ton of
time as well now obviously in this video we’re talking about being a renter and
making money from this and they just have a little thing here we can just
kind of see how much you can earn and so and the value of a car is a big kind of
component of how much you will get paid so lower end cars like you can rent out
a car that might be fifteen years old I think I’ve actually rented one that was
probably fifteen years old so people will still rent it because
it’s gonna be cheaper to rent but even if you do have a newer a nice car it’s
something to consider as well because it will get paid considerably more and so
you can just use this little chart to kind of get a ballpark and it’s gonna
depend just like Airbnb on your city and how much the demand there is but and
as you would expect they have insurance to kind of cover any accidents that
might happen and being on the renting side of things it seems like a
very streamlined and pretty easy process and as a renter you have control so
anyway if you have a car and you’re interested in making some cash from it
definitely consider Turo as well all right so those are the 12 things I hope
you enjoyed it hope you found some helpful I’d love to hear from you down
in the comments what ones you haven’t heard of which ones you’re considering
doing and if you’re new to the channel what we do here is we talk about ways to
put more money in your pocket so it’ll be stuff like this ways to earn a little
extra cash and also ways to save money and then we also talk about some of the
timeless biblical principles about how to manage our money as well because
what’s the point of having it if we can’t manage it well so that’s something
that resonates with you consider hitting the subscribe button so you can hear
from us as you create more stuff oh and if you found this helpful I’d love it if
you can leave us a little thumbs up down below just to let us know that it helped
but that’s all we have for today so I will see you in the next video

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  5. Selling books online also works for other “junk” at garage sales! Facebook market place is easy to flip stuff with. Gary Vee has videos called “trash talk” on exactly this!

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    One reason why all of these new gig economy businesses (Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, etc.) are cheaper than their old counterparts (hotels, taxis, etc.) is because they shove the risk of losses onto the workers. Don't expect them to pay if anything bad happens to you when you work for them. You are an "independent laborer" in every sense of the word and they don't want to know you if there is a loss.

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