11 Online Jobs I Have Used to Earn Money Online

Hey, Angie Nelson here from theworkathomewife.com. Now, last week, we just finished up with the
Work-at-Home Summit, which was a really cool online event that gave you the opportunity
to learn from over 45 people that are really making their own success at home. I was one of the people that was interviewed
for that summit, and that’s led to a lot of emails from you guys asking me to share more
about my story and about the ways that I have made money from home. I’ve been working from home for over 10 years
now, so I’ve held a lot of different positions during that time, I’ve tried out a lot of
different opportunities. That’s what we’re going to be talking about
in today’s video. I’m going to be sharing with you 11 ways that
I have made money from home over the past 10 years. Make sure you stay until the end of the video
to find out how you can get my free seven-day series on finding work at home. Now, my work-at-home story began before I
even started working from home. Back when I was still at my day job, I was
trying to figure all this work-at-home stuff out. I was trying to find some opportunities to
make some money on the side while transiting into full-time home business, and one of the
first opportunities that I took advantage of was mystery shopping. Now, if you are not familiar with this, what
are you basically doing is going into a store, posing as a regular old shopper. Then when you get home, you’re providing feedback
about your store experience: How were you treated? Were you greeted when you walked into the
store? Was somebody there to help you, answer your
questions? Things like that. Mystery shopping, it isn’t the best paying
opportunity in most cases, and for those of you that are looking to work at home full
time, you are going to have to leave the house, so it isn’t something that is going to be
a long-term plan for most of you, but if you are just trying to get familiar with what
this whole online thing is and how you submit work and how you pick up jobs online, mystery
shopping can be a great way to do that. Now, call centers was the opportunity that
I took when I was ready to make my transition into full-time work at home. I knew that I wanted to start up my own business,
but I needed to pay the bills while I was getting things going. Call center work, it’s really plentiful online,
and it’s often an easy hire for those that have some kind of customer service in their
background. For me, it was a no-brainer. They pay an hourly wage in most cases, and
they offer a weekly or a biweekly paycheck, and that’s what I needed while I was going
to be setting up my own business. I took two call center jobs with two different
companies and just got rolling that way. Within a couple of months, I had my home business
set up, and I could leave those call center jobs behind. It’s not going to be a dream job for most
people, but it can be a means to an end if you need to get something paying you right
away. Well, when I left my call center jobs, my
next role was a virtual assistant, and I was a virtual assistant for many, many years. I started out doing just general VA work,
anything from, for while I was acting as a virtual receptionist for a chiropractor’s
office and answering their phones while they were at lunch or on break. I also worked for a landscaping company for
a while doing data entry of their receipts and their invoices. Then for many, many years, I was a virtual
assistant to other bloggers. I helped them with their content production
and social media marketing, with things like that. Virtual assistant, it can mean a lot of different
things to a lot of different people, and it’s really an opportunity that you can take and
make your own. You can use the skills that you have or you
learn skills that you want to know and really create a business that’s your own. Now, another thing that I did for quite a
few years was freelance write. As this person that was working, as I had
a blog my own and as I was being a virtual assistant to other bloggers, it was only natural
for me to supplement my income by offering freelance writing services to other people
online. I did that for quite a few years. I always stayed within my chosen niche here
of online businesses and online marketing, but that really opened a lot of doors and
provided me with another income stream while other things fluctuated over time. Now, while it’s not something that ever really
took off for me, I did have dabbled in eBay-selling over the years from time to time just as opportunities
came up on their own, the things that I had that I wanted to get rid of, but that can’t
be a great opportunity for a lot of people out there who really enjoy the thrill of the
hunt and finding a good deal that they can resell for a profit. Both eBay and Amazon, FBA, are really popular
at-home businesses right now. Now, while I was a virtual assistant, there
occasionally would be different services that were really in demand, but were also really
easy for me to offer as one-off services. It wasn’t something that maybe people needed
ongoing or needed to be on a monthly retainer from me for, but it was something that was
really quick and easy that I could get done and really profit from. In those instances, I offer those services
on Fiverr. Fiverr is still a really popular site today. It started out primarily as just a place that
you could offer just small services and tasks for $5 each. Over time, it’s really grown into something
that you can offer. A lot of upsell potential there, and different
rates for different packages. It can really be a great profit place for
someone who has some different skills that you can offer with a quick turnaround and
without a lot of upfront work. You don’t have to learn quite so much about
your client’s business or what they need. It’s something that they could really say,
“Here’s what I need done,” and you can take it from there. Now, when we get into things like passive
income opportunities that I’ve taken advantage of over the years, eBay, or, excuse me, ebooks
is certainly one of them. I started out selling ebooks long before Kindle
was even around. Back in those days, we were selling on E-Junkie
or ClickBank, which are still around now, but Kindle has certainly become a more popular
option for creating your ebooks. That’s something that can be really easy to
get going, get it written, get it for sale online. It can continue to earn you money for months
or years down the road. Now, something that we’re probably all familiar
with when we’re talking about little moneymakers are surveys. That’s something that I don’t really participate
in much these days, but back before I started working from home full time, I was certainly
involved with things like Pinecone Research, some other survey panels that would pay you
a few bucks for just answering a click-online survey. Along those same lines are cashback rebates. That’s something that I still do a lot to
day. It’s often money that you can make without
any extra work. You might have your Discover card paying you
cashback on your purchases. Ebates is certainly one that I use a lot and
absolutely love when it comes to online purchases. There are a lot of different ones out there. Make sure you’re paying attention to what
credit cards you’re using when you go to make an online purchase. Make sure you are taking advantage of those
things like Swagbucks or Ebates or even Ibotta every time that you make an online purchase,
or an offline purchase in the case of Ibotta. Now, something that we’re all familiar with
is going to be direct sales, and that’s something that I was involved in before I made my transition
into full-time work at home. There’s hundreds of legitimate companies out
there that work in this, network marketing, or social selling is what that’s often referred
to these days. Whether it be Tupperware, Avon, Chloe + Isabel,
Stella & Dot, these are all legitimate companies that offer you the opportunity to earn commission
on your personal sales. Also, they’ll need a downline. Now, that brings us to 10 years later. What I am doing today is primarily blogging. My income today comes solely through the products
and services that I promote and offer on my blog. The majority of my income comes from affiliate
marketing. I get paid a commission when people buy through
the links to affiliate products that I promote on my site. I also have courses that are available for
sale. I get paid for display ads on my site. There are a number of opportunities that you
can implement when you are trying to make an income from blogging. The thing with blogging is it does take some
time to build it up and there is a bit of a learning curve there, but it is something
that can be really fulfilling once you get it going and getting it creating an income
on its own. The thing you need to really keep in mind
is that you choose the right topic for your blog. You’re going to want to, this is going to
be something that you’re going to need to talk about frequently and for years to come. You really want to choose a subject that is
something that you’re passionate about, that you love to learn about, and that you love
to share with others. Those are 11 ways that I have made money over
the last 10 years working from home. In the description below, you’re going to
find a link to a post that’s going to give you more information on those and some other
things. I’ll also leave you a link to get that free
seven-day series on finding work at home in the description below. I’d love for you to leave me a comment and
let me know some of the opportunities that you’ve taken advantage of to make extra money
on your own time and from your own office. If you like this video today, make sure you
give it a like and share it with your friends, and I will see you in the next video.

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  1. Hey, great video! I have been freelance writing for about a year now, but I am looking to find more ways of income from home. My family is not really into having a landline phone, so it has been kind of difficult. You have given me some ideas though.

  2. I am now bringing in more work but unfortunately I now don't have time to make YouTube videos… eventually, I will get back to them.

  3. So most of the call centers or freelance writers jobs on line asks for a resume, does anyone knows exactly what kind of resume will be accepted on the process for applying?

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