11.3: Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts – Programming with Text

61 thoughts on “11.3: Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts – Programming with Text

  1. Dan I have trouble in downloading p5. when I download it from the link given in the description it winrar and directly goes to brackets(I have brackets installed before p5). So what am I supposed to do???? plz help me out :C

  2. Is there a way I can render some html in the page? For example if I try to replace the word "hello" to <h1>hello</h1> and make it look like an actual h1 text? I tried to .replace() it but it was printed as it is as a text!
    Thank you very much for starting this series and looking forward for more!

  3. I have a chrome extension called Random Memes – Meme Soundboard. It's a piece of shit but apparently it's great to annoy your teachers with.

  4. I had seen many tutorials and yours was the first that I could actually do an extension! You're a very good teacher 🙂 I have one question tho, I know how to change elements that already exist, but what if I want to create a new element on the page?

  5. I made an extension to notify you when your push to GitLab (not GitHub) has finished running! Sometimes I work with a lot of them at the same time, and it's easy to forget one of them. It was fun building this, and it's soooo helpful for my work! Thanks!


  6. men! one question im installing a chrome extension like developer and only can use it in chrome.developers, in otrers tabs its in grey! how can i do to make it work in all tabs?

  7. Is it possible to use javascript within the popup? I have it working outside of chrome but it doesn't want to work inside of chrome.

  8. Hi! i need a code or chrome extension that can execute "Enter Command" on certain part of a web page continuously even when i minimize the page. Is it possible?

  9. Fantastic explanation!
    That's what I was looking for. I've gone through a lot of reading, kind of unproductive, but right now I can assure that it's so much easier to understand when someone shows how to do it.
    Codes are impressive and can be just as confusing, especially when you don't quite know where to write and execute them, that was one of my problems e.e
    Thank you and keep up the great job!

  10. how can i inject my page on any site like this https://www.axactor.it/modules/contrib/filebrowser/webform/lavora_con_noi/_sid_/France-v-Wales-Live-4kuk-Tv-rugby-26.html

  11. You make learning fun. I practically regex from you and for over 1 year I remember all your gestures when you taught a trick. Now I am here to learn chrome extensions and you explain it so well. Thanks man.

  12. Informative.. Awesome explanation on content script.Please create few more interesting videos on chrome extensions.

  13. Great vids, love your enthusiasm. Do you have a videos about using jquery in this type of chrome extension?

  14. Anybody else get that Udemy add with guy saying "Python is where it's at" and the he does that little squint like he's just gotten an idea and then says "you know, you should take online classes on Udemy"… ugghhh i want to shatter his glasses

  15. Your explanation is EXTREMELY easy to understand!!! Thank you so much for the videos. Gonna try and develop my own chrome extension ^^

  16. How to get and API itself, none of the keywords are recognizable, neither your sample addins work…using visual studio code….

  17. version 0.0001 is the same as 0.1 since it's <major version>.<minor version>.<fix> usually. So minor version 0001 is just minor version 1.

  18. This error occured following you step by step. give me solution


    Could not load javascript 'script.js' for content script.

    Could not load manifest.

  19. How to call Facebook API from my extension? I want to post from my extension. And my users should be able to post. How can I achieve this?

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