10 Signs That You’re A Writer

You spend hours pondering the perfect punctuation
and agonize over every word, you own a fancy pen but how do you know if you’re really a
writer? Here are 10 signs that you’re a writer 1. You consider coffee a food group, coffee
or tea gets you through long nights of writing 2. This is how you really want to deal with
writer’s block 3. You get emotionally attached to your literary characters maybe TOO attached
4. You still get a bit frustrated when a literary journal or agent says they like your work
but it still didn’t make the cut 5. You’ve fallen asleep in some odd positions after
your all-night writing sessions 6. You still get nervous after hitting send realizing you’ve
just put your work out into the world for everyone to see 7. There’s been at least one
time you forgot to hit save and lost everything you were working on 8. You have that one friend
you always rely on you to comfort during a writing slump 9. You’ve looked back over your
old writing and realized it is not a pretty sight 10. Sometimes you need to take a much-needed
break from writing in a peaceful place like a bookstore. Want to know more about how Writer’s
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